Finding your way around in Frankfurt am Main February 2017

Finding your way around

Finding your way around Frankfurt by using underground, buses, S-trains, and trams is very easy. In the city centre it’s best to walk. Walking is quite comfortable when you arrive at Hauptwache by S-train or underground you take the escalators upstairs and you are in the pedestrian zone.

At Hauptwache – just opposite the department store Galeria Kaufhof – there is the “Verkehrsinsel Frankfurt am Main” The staff at Verkehrsinsel is really friendly, multilingual and very well versed. There are two counters, one for long distance and international travel tickets “Deutsche Bahn” and the other one for the local underground, trams, trains, and buses “RMV”. Make sure to check the queueing system. There are also lots of free leaflets providing information on Frankfurt which you can pick up at “Verkehrsinsel”.

Left-hand side of “Verkehrsinsel” there is “Neue Kräme” a pedestrian street that leads you to “Römerberg” where the town hall “Römer” is located. It takes about ten minutes to stroll from “Hauptwache” to “Römberg”- ever so easy – just walk straight ahead. The picture to the left shows the town hall “Römer”. The Römer has been Frankfurt’s town hall since 1405. In the Emperor’s Hall “Kaisersaal” – located inside the Römer – which was in former times richly decorated ten German emperors had their coronation banquets held. Between 1562 and 1792 the elections for ten German emperors were held in the cathedral “Kaiserdom” and the coronation festivities for them took place in in the Emperors’ Hall “Kaisersaal” in the Römer Frankfurt am Main.

At the time being reconstruction works of the historical coronation path “Krönungsweg” are in the works and 15 of the most beautiful buildings of the former historical centre of Frankfurt am Main“Frankfurter Altstadt” are being re-built according to the original plans. The works around the Römerberg are said to be completed in 2017.




Frankfurt am Main is extremely rich in history … which is – to a large extent – not at all reflected by what you can see nowadays. This is why doing a guided tour is highly recommend. Right-hand side of the town hall “Römer” is the tourist information. The Tourist Information Römer is open from Monday through Friday from 09:30 a.m. until 05:30 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays from 09:30 a.m. until 04:00 p.m. The tourist information is selling a big Frankfurt map with a full street index for just 1 Euro which is very useful for tourists and locals alike.

There are hopp on hopp off city tour buses leaving every 30 minutes until 05:00 p.m. The tickets for the sightseeing buses arealso available at the Tourist Information Römer.

At 02:00 p.m. there are daily guided walking tours on offer for individual travellers for EUR 9,90 per person (maximum number of particpants is 25 persons). In case the walking tour includes the visit of the sightseeing platform of the“Main Tower”(200 metres) the price is EUR 15,90 per person. The guided walking tour is two hours long.

After having learned about Frankfurt you can visit one of the many cafés and unique places which are located at Römerberg or within less than five minutes walking distance from Römerberg.
There are dozens of places where you can enjoy “Kaffee & Kuchen”.

I have listed  a few of them in alphabetical order – three of them are wheel chair friendly and one has been vegan for more than 20 years, and some of them are really just one of a kind in their very own and very special way … so go ahead and explore and have fun … 🙂

*Some of the wheel chair friendly cafés have no direct access. Just go inside and tell the waitress/waiter that you need access with a wheel chair and they will give you directions and help you.

Alasti’s Valentino
Kleinmarkthalle, Hasengasse 5-7,Stall # 44-49 (premium Italian and international petit fours & delicatessen)
Bitter &amp Zart Chocolaterie
Braubachstraße 14, (chocolate lovers are on cloud nine in here, “salon de thé” interior design)
Cafe Bohne/ Yours Australian Bar
Rahmhofstr. 2-6 (just coffee & croissant, laid back atmosphere, spacious, and wheelchair friendly*)
Café Einstein Kaffee
Römerberg 32, (hand made cakes)
Café Libretto
Hasengasse 4, (lots of beautiful confectionery cakes, wheel chair friendly*)
Café Stern
Neue Kräme12 (the upstairs is nice, calm, and ‘gemütlich’)
Café Wacker
Kornmarkt 9 (shop and small café, a ‘must’ for every coffee connoisseur)
Cafébar im Kunstverein
Markt 44 (home made cakes, laid back atmosphere)
Condit Couture
Fahrtor 1, (very small, extremely yummy French patisserie and Frankfurt ‘goodies’)
Cucina Delle Grazie
Domplatz 3 (drop dead gorgeous home made authentic Italian cakes)
Lebe Gesund
Kleinmarkthalle, Hasengasse 5-7, Stall # 100 (delicious vegan sweets & hand made seasonal herb tea)
Patisserie IIMORI
Braubachstraße 24 (incredibly delicious petit fours and patisserie in a “patisserie à la Parisienne“)
Schirn Café by Badias
Römerberg 6A (really nice assortment of hand made cakes, light, airy, spacious, and wheelchair friendly*)
Wechselstube & Café
Römerberg 28 (breathing history is this tiny café, in the beautiful rebuilt character property “GrosserEngel”… when you come with a (small) handful of people … the friendly and knowledgeable owner is happy to tell visitors about the interesting history of “Grosser Engel”)