Frankfurt Outdoor Activities February 2017

Going for a walk in Frankfurt during winter time

Don’t let the cold winter weather keep you inside all day long . Go for a walk in one of the many parks and gardens in Frankfurt or take a walk alongside the small streams or rivers in Frankfurt. Take the U-Bahn U2 heading for “Gonzenheim” from “Hauptwache” and exit at the stop “Kalbach”. From here it is about five minutes walking distance to “Alter Flugplatz” .
There is the “Tower Café” and from there you can see a small bridge crossing the “Nidda”. Take a walk along that beautiful small river “Nidda” and afterwards you can return to the Tower Café for a meal or a snack before taking the U2 at stop “Kalbach” back to the city centre.

“Alter Flugplatz” is the former American Helicopter Airport in Frankfurt am Main named “Maurice Rose Airfield” which had been converted into an award winning green area after the American helicopter airport closed down in 1992. “Alter Flugplatz” is part of the Frankfurter Grüngürtel which is a belt of green areas within the borders of Frankfurt am Main. There is a wonderful map called “Grüngürtel-Karte” which is usually available at “Alter Flugplatz” for a small donation giving you lots of information about cycling and walking within the “Grüngürtel.
Nowadays, the ‘former tower’ is the“Tower Café” a non-profit project which is run by the city of Frankfurt am Main. Young people – who would normally face difficulties when competing for a job on the free market -.are given a chance here to do an apprenticeship to become a chef or a waiter/waitress. So when waiting to be served in Tower Café and things take a little longer than usual … take it easy. The young people working in the “Tower-Café” will appreciate it
hat for sure. Thank you! 🙂