Letter to the Reader March 2017

Dear Reader,

Due to all sorts of major technical glitches this March issue is delayed … my apologies …

 Thank you so much for your great feedback from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Switzerland, South Korea, Spain, The European Union, The United States, Venezuela, and Wales …it is highly appreciated.

My very special and heartfelt thanks this month are going to Manuel and Silvia for their friendship, technical know-how and assistance, and moral support … and to Silvia for her beautiful picture giving us a wonderful panoramic view of Frankfurt … taken from high up in the east end …

Now, that spring is waving with sunshine and warm breezes street artists and carpenters on their journeys pop up like mushrooms in Frankfurt. Sit outside and enjoy the lovely weather … go to one of the many places within 5 minutes walking distance from “Römerberg”  which I have listed in the February 2017 issue under the category “Finding your way around Frankfurt”


sword juggler on Römerberg


silver cutlery “chopper”


Whenever I come across a journeyman carpenter “Zimmermann auf der Walz” I ask them about their journey and how long they have been away from home. Some of them have been to a lot of countries all over Europe and as far as North America and/or South America or even to Australia. When they travel to foreign countries the usual length of their journeys easily extends from three years to a period of five or six years.

The statutes for German journeyman carpenters say that a journeyman carpenter has to be away from home for a period of at least three years and one day. During that period of time they are not allowed to get nearer than 50 kilometres to their home town and they are forbidden to carry a smart phone.

German journeyman carpenters have to adhere to very strict rules in order to be allowed to travel as a journeyman carpenter. They must have finished their apprenticeship with a “Gesellenbrief”, ‘ a journeyman’s certificate’, they have to be debt-free, under 30 years of age, and unmarried.

Travelling journeyman carpenter in Frankfurt am Main


Journeyman carpenters are disallowed to pay money for accommodation or travelling. So they are usually hitchhiking or they go by ship from “A” to “B”

Whenever “YOU” meet a journeyman carpenter … he is wearing the typical black hat, black carpenter trousers, a black vest with silver buttons and he carries a big and beautiful wooden walking stick, as well as a small carpenter’s bag around his shoulder (inside he carries a little booklet in which he is collecting the stamps of the town halls of the respective cities, towns, or villages he visited) … give them a lift, buy them a meal or – if possible -refer them to somewhere where they can find work …or do whatever YOU find appropriate in order to support them … they definitely make our blue planet much more diverse and colourful 🙂

This website is an ongoing work in progress … so, enjoy the journey!